Thursday, January 2, 2014

Some princes on white horses and their princesses :)

I came across lots of wishes regarding  a prince on  a white horses for this new year so I got an inspiration to visualize an ideal prince with his perfect princess:) I know I'm being childish :D but I'll still share it with you ;)
Sooo to start with an  ideal prince looks like this: (or at least resembles)


 Naturally he deserves a princess:) which for me looks like this:
this face is a perfection fro me.. 

 those who were beautiful children and teenagers  not always become real natural beauties later, so some of the lucky ones I brought here:)

 aaand some perfect legs and...


We may be far, too far or not that far from the so called 'perfection' but I just wanted to share the best images that come to my mind:) there's nothing wrong in it if somebody doesn't fit in some standards, no need for hatred towards those who  my opinion, no demonstrations against 'beauty standards',or public hate speeches and articles are needed .You can either like it or not...After all beauty is such a controversial thing to talk about:))