Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Top nail trends for spring 2013(with tutorials)

My favourite picks for spring 2013 nail trends together with some tutorials 
that you can do at home!
1.pastel nude and yellow
2.shades of pink to purple
3.spring 2013 color palette from butter
4. cat nails with upper and bottom curves in different shades and shapes:)
5. gradient  dark shades
6. pastel colors with sandy effect
7. French manicure in nude with metallic

8. Matte black french
9. from nude to purple spring shades
10. Nude to dirty pink
11.Mirror nails
12. nude, glitters, metallic gold, mixed style french, black

here's the tutorial for some of the hottest nail trends! enjoy ;)

And here comes the tutorial for water marble! Once you master the technique you can use any 
color on earth!!! 

which are your favourites? ;) don't forget to mention in comments ;)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tsago Kanchaveli Jewellery

I am representing an amazing collection of handmade jewellery by Tsago Kanchaveli. The collection is made of genuine leather, details are carefully chosen to create an outstanding and good quality pieces. You can find half precious stones, miniature china pieces, silk, pearls, metal and other materials used as details which makes each piece of jewellery unique.The designer makes sure the pieces have no flows, takes care of maintaining the highest quality possible while working on them and only after that puts on a display, otherwise she refuses to sell an item:) This is why I appreciate her work so much and I proudly own some of them.
For more details you can visit a facebook page Accessorise
View detailed images here.

Wearing this necklace on Tbilisi Fashion Week