Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Glamorous night out

Ready for a glamorous night out? or not enough ideas yet. Maybe you are getting ready for a special occasion or a special date.. anyways, I have picked the items to create a glamorous and tempting look  ...let every detail show that you are going to be awesome tonight!

    Feel the sense of luxury, glamour and lust together with this elegant, sexy, tempting look that makes you feel desired, admired...

Glamorous night out

I believe sometimes  it is better to leave a hint  rather than to expose  all your body's beauties, it 
makes your look mysteriously attractive. details can leave a hint on your sexuality as well, to my mind, shoes to fall in love with contribute a 70% of an overall look .plus soft, velvety shiny hair, flawless make-up with smokey eyes, sultry lips, soft skin tinted with a mist, mind blowing smell of a perfume, perfect nails and that sparkle in the eyes can make you look like a queen..

On the other hand, if you want to be noticed immediately, or just decided to have fun when you hit the club, or just in a mood of looking like a sex bomb, it's quite OK for me  to expose a bit, of course what your consider deserves to be shown off, otherwise it will be a drawback and hiding will do more good for you :)) So, I just wanted to say I'm not at all against showing a bit of beautiful parts of body:))
 But the image I have created is more focused on the elegant, yet trendy and mysterious young lady with good manners who is going to a glamorous night out and may charm everyone who comes her way... If you feel the same, then I am glad I could express what I wanted to create! 

Valentino studded heels
$715 - veryeickhoff.com

Michael Kors studded handbag

Gold ring

Chanel bow earrings
$560 - farfetch.com

Collar jewelry
$2,485 - kabiri.co.uk

Christian dior

$50 - johnlewis.com

Gucci perfume
$105 - nelly.com

(Tip: let your body wrap in a sense that highlights your tempting look  by applying Gucci Guilty body lotion after shower.

It's no secret what tremendous charming effect can beautiful hair cause.
Soft, shiny hair is not only pleasant to look but to touch.. so don't forget to  apply a nutritive hair mask . 
If your hair is long enough, try to show it off  by adding volume to it. I think If it does not look too made up, it's even more attractive, like these 3  hairstyles below.. )   
     P.S. the post about how to prepare for a 'big day' is coming soon! I will share my own experience and what I've heard from beauty experts

Hope you enjoyed it!! comments, suggestions and ideas to add to the look are welcome! :)