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Wellness and Fitness centre Club71 from the member's perspective

It will soon be 3rd month since I've been the member of this club and I've decided to share my experience. I will present you this  overview independent from the club, moreover it will be a surprise for them to find out I've shared my sincere thoughts:)

 To start with I will let you know that I won't be talking about the features already advertised, the pricing and membership details, as you can easily find all this information from their official page.I will rather concentrate on what I have observed as a club member and share my thoughts and  give some suggestions to those already having a membership and to ones who have not decided yet. To tell the truth, I'm convenient with the number of visitors and I won't get any benefits if after reading this, the club gets more members but still, I wanted to share my overall impression and thought it would be an interesting article filling in the section of my blog about healthy lifestyle:)
For Newbies
 If you decide to become a member, be prepared to say yes to healthy lifestyle and forget laziness, the fact that it's an annual subscription, already tells you that you have to spend more time on your health and not start it with popular 'tomorrow' :))
Whatever is your goal, you can achieve it if you learn how to manage your time.If you are a newbie, instructors will take care that you follow a beginner's program.The tip is that you have to adapt this program to your needs and divide hours.At first you may experience the will to use all the facilities at once, but believe me, don't hurry, you will get it all and more wisely: If you are a complete beginner, I recommend attending classes the first month, with the swimming pool 3 times a week or after exercise but just a quick swim.  Later you can enjoy the relaxation area if not in a hurry.Use saunas according to your weight, age and health conditions and don't forget to consult instructors about that.Tip: drinking green tea at a cafe or right at the pool helps you detoxify and lose some weight too, if combined with diet. After the 1st month you can add the gym sessions according to the program an instructor gives you. Take a look at the Fitness tour  to have the general Idea.
Choosing your program 
  Whether your goal is a weight loss, muscle tone up, weight and muscle gain or just keeping the shape, the important thing is to manage the activities that you have to do so that it saves your time and helps you get results better, as when you follow something organized, the routine has better results.I can tell from my own experience, as I was not following my regime and just doing whatever I felt like doing that day or week, but whenever I followed an organized routine it had far better results. If you cannot organize it for yourself (as it is not that easy: you need to have some basic knowledge about physiology, muscle structure and how our body responses to certain activities) You can have personal sessions with a professional instructor who will guide you through all of this. Also there is a good opportunity to track results with the help of fitness test, which also determines amount of fat in your body and more, I would recommend it: Fitness Test
A day at the club and relaxation
If you have plenty of time, you can really enjoy half of your day/evening there and
not feel exhausted and destroyed at the end as you can use relaxation area right after the exercises and even have a snack at a cafe to regain energy and continue taking further steps towards your healthy routine.I sometimes first have a snack after training and then go to the relaxation area where I first enjoy the Jacuzzi and the hydro-massage which is strong enough to relax muscles.Then I go to the sauna, herbal or steam but not both the same day, then I relax on the warm deckchairs, put on my face mask, get the earphones and relax for a while.
If I am having an 'only swimming pool day' or just a quick
swim after moderate training, I go up to the relaxation area at the swimming pool and listen to music, dip nose in my Iphone and sometimes a laptop and have some milk, coffee or green tea which is served to you right to your deckchair. My goal is muscle tone up and also gaining a bit weight (not fat though) so I follow the protein rich diet and routine for muscle tone up.If your goal is to lose weight orange fresh or just green tea would be sufficient for you but not milk:) anyways, in both cases you need to have some of these days in your routine, as it not only relaxes your body but your mind, keeps the stress away, promotes releasing endorphin etc.. The ideal end of a relaxation day would be a massage.

The spa area is totally relaxing, you can watch different videos in detail where you can observe various kinds of massage.As for the other services offered I think I have to try some Facials too, as they use very good quality products and some of the procedures really have instant effects as I have noticed, besides prices are no higher than in any other good saloon or aesthetic centre, even less for club members but anyone can visit the spa at slight difference in price. If you want to go out right after all these procedures, you can even take care of your hair and nails at the Saloon and there is also a solarium.
I'ts years since I have a massage therapists who Responds to all my needs and that's the reason I enjoy my massage outside the club but I think I have to try it anyways as the atmosphere is so relaxing and pleasant.

Fitness classes and aqua-aerobics 
As for the overview of Fitness classes I can only review ones I have attended and would recommend choosing the right regime to attend and sometimes change classes but including yoga and Pilates is a must!
after a week's hard training it is essential to stretch properly and relax your body so weekend classes for yoga and Pilates seems perfect to me. and usually I choose my total relaxation days during a weekend after Pilates or yoga. So now about the classes and a bit of instructors. My favourite one is body work, concentrated on muscle tone the way I was attending the similar classes in Milan and the name for that was 'body sculpt' as it really helps to sculpt your body. Tiko Eliozishvili was the first instructor whose classes I attended and she was very helpful for a newcomer, its important to do exercises correctly and then to remember them properly, so she's never lazy to correct, especially newcomers. I also attend shaping classes which is faster but with the instructor
who is so energetic herself, Diana Gogishvili,
you have less time to rest and do as many exercises as possible during this time but if you are lazy Diana will grab you and show that you can do it better:) so I try to mix classes of shaping and body work. If you want to lose weight, spinning is the best but it's also a great cardiovascular exercise so those who want to build muscles also attend it.
Instructor Alex Vanesian is so anxious about it that I think he awaits starting of his working hours at spinning than club members do:))He is also very energetic and keeps motivating everyone. Also a circuit or step-aerobics is a good way if burning fat together with shaping the body.I have once attended step but its too much of a fat burner for me and the instructor, Toma  Bakhtadze also won't let you  be lazy, so you'd better obey her:)
I have once attended G-flex which is bit too tiring for me but good for muscle gain or keeping the shape for those who already have muscles toned up.I have never tried wall climbing  but after I heard a conversation of one of our club members and an instructor, Temo Baev, I am eager to try it, as they described how much adrenaline you produce while climbing:)
I asked him some details and as usual he was very helpful, never lazy to give advice even if you are not taking private sessions:) Not to miss anyone from instructors I have had a  contact, I will say that I remember  Gela Otarashvili from one of my previous gyms and he was very helpful there too, but I am not attending courses led by him here so I can't describe them but I know that he is also very experienced as all the other instructors and they have all gone through special trainings adapted for the wellness club so there is nothing you can fear while choosing a personal trainer, I like them all so I won't be pointing out.
Aqua-aerobics classes are very effective for general toning and firming, losing weight, fighting cellulite and sculpting your body.It can be attended outside the membership  3 times a week but I don't know how can the club members attend the classes and what fees are applied. There is also a swimming pool for kids, so moms can leave their kids with entertainers and swimming instructors and enjoy their day at the club.This is an additional service, not included in standard memberships.

I will add that it has become a new home for me, not only for the facilities it offers but the friendly atmosphere in general and feeling of freshness and cleanliness which is so important for me.I hope members keep helping stuff for maintaining such attitude, and I like that there are even fines for not following the hygiene rules as sadly, sometimes there is no other way to make some people obey the rules..

I am looking forward to your comments and I am open to questions as well but regarding the technical questions you have to refer to their website. so I've provided links for that: Prices Services

P.S. Here I am enjoying the club and tracking some results:))

Before 3 months:
After 3 months:
gained some muscle mass and toned up. Challenge is still in progress!!

I will be back with more about my results and will also share some secrets of my health routine and some useful tips, so keep up to date and subscribe, not to miss the next post..  Hope you enjoyed ;)

Update: January 2014 - Me promoting healthy lifestyle in club 71 promo


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    1. You can enjoy spa services if not a member or just take a tour to find out about all facilities:)

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